Urban Anime Legends: Araki and its terrifying prediction of 11

The accidents of accidents or disasters that ravage the world are always something that gives us a certain repelús. Nostradamus or Baba Vanga are two of the people who have right in their prophecies; And yes, we put it with quotes because by probability you always have to succeed something that you say in a totally randomly and so abstract way that it encompasses different theories. But there are many who succeed by mistake some other catastrophe in the history of mankind, and of course, in the world of anime it has also happened.

We talk about nothing more and nothing less than an involuntary prediction of Hiroriko Araki , mangaka very dear to the public for his work Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure . The adventures of the Joestar for beating Dio was a true roller coaster of feelings for fans, but among this whole journey we could see something that years later would be fulfilled: the attack of the twin towers on September 11, 2001 .


We put you in a situation: in the third arc of the Jojo’s series entitled Stardust Crusaders , there is a character called Bingo whose stand (main power in the Jojos), Thoth, is able to predict the Future with very abstract and cartoon images . Well, among these future visions, Araki illustrated a mercenary with a shirt that put 911 . This character refers through an hour dialogue, 10:30 in the morning, which is disturbingly close to the minute in which the One World Trade Center collapsed to (10:28 in the morning)

In the next panel, the mercenary is impaled in a phone post, and you can see a plane with an evil face flying in the background . When asked about these panels, Araki himself confessed that he had no idea why he had drawn them in that way.

Recall that the manga chapter left in 1991, nothing more and nothing less than 10 years before the tragedy that mentally and emotionally collapsed to an entire country and that caused even more bleeding from the United States to different countries in the Middle East. Of course it is a somewhat strange and overwhelming prediction, but also, Araki throws firewood commenting that he does not know exactly why he made that vignette and that plane is set on purpose or not.