Tencent presents his first AAA with Unreal Engine 5: Amazing trailer of his new RPG Action

Tencent hAAA project presented a first trailer AAA project demonstration with GamePlay of its first AAA project outside the mobile market, a new video game bAAA projected on Unreal Engine 5 that aims to rival with the most grenade of future AAA projectian projects for PC and consoles. This is Code: To Jin Yong , an Open World Action RPG set in Chinese mythology and which we already have a first glance through this impressive trailer that you can see on these lines.

Tencent: This is his new AAA with Unreal Engine 5

Developed by the study Lighttspeed Games , whose previous works are Pubg Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile for the mobile market, Code: To Jin Yong intends Showing warriors and gentlemen of ancient China who demonstrate their power and skills through lavish fighting, AAA project demonstrated by this first video demonstration of what the title can offer.

Of course, for the moment it is only a first demonstration of the potential that hides this new AAA development, remember, under the benefits that Unreal Engine 5 can offer, the latest version of Epic Games’s graphic engine. So much so, that this first gameplay demonstrates slight falls in its frame rate per second, so that its developers still have a lot of work ahead, since we should not wait for its launch or short or medium term.

AAA projectian AAA development begins to emerge with proposals such AAA project the one that concerns us or the impressive Black Myth: Wukong , a title also created under Unreal Engine 5 that offers a similar-quizá more mythological atmosphere even-although with a staging and a gameplay AAA project spectacular AAA project frantic.