Tower of Fantasy, pre -booking… CBT opened from July 6th

-Perfect World Games, SF Fantasy Open World RPG Pre-booking and CBT participants

-Recruitment of CBT participants from June 27 to CBT Selected by drawing for a separate applicant

-t with the CBT recruitment with the title song music video ‘SALVATION’… A unique character with a unique character

Perfect World Games announced today that it will start a pre-booking of the open world RPG , which is scheduled to be released in the third quarter of 2022 as a PC & mobile multi-platform.

The pre-booking of The Tower of Fantasy, which will be held before the launch, will be held on the official website, Naver Game Lounge and Mobile App Store. PC users can apply through the official website, and mobile users are available in Google Play Store, Apple App Store and One Store.

is also preparing CBT to showcase its vast open world fantasy contents, and recruiting CBT participants from today (27th) to July 4th and opening CBT from July 6th. do.

Users who want to participate in the CBT can make a reservation on the official website or Naver Game Lounge, fill out the questionnaire and apply. CBT participants will be selected for the applicants and will be guided by the winner by separate e-mail.

Meanwhile, the news song music video ‘Salvation’ was released at the same time as the news of the CBT was notified. The song, which is attracted to the electronic melody that goes with the fantasy genre, is attracted by the pioneer who left the adventure after the disaster reveals the hidden truth on the tower, or holds an important key to whether to lead the world to salvation or to lead to ruin. The content is contained.

In addition, in the ‘SALVATION’ music video, a variety of unique Replicas such as Sammere, Merrill, Shiro, ‘King’ with a free-spirited personality, and ‘zero’ with excellent technology appear.

In the Tower of Fantasy, which is raising expectations by releasing the title song music video with various news ahead of the CBT, the charming character developed by Unreal Engine 4 and Cartoon Rendering Techniques, the beautiful Ida planet, and the meadow hlod vision system combined You can meet the superb view. In any PC and mobile environment, you can feel that you can experience the open world directly in the game.

In areas with different characteristics and charms, the user can climb the mountain, swim in the water, fly in the jet pack, fly in the sky, cross the continent on a bicer, and solve the missions through adventure. You may receive it. In addition, it is not only possible to participate in a powerful enemy with a dainon before, but also to ensure high degree of freedom, such as being able to match each other in the amusement park and ride the roller coaster.

In addition, the characters that can decorate their unique characters through the character customization are also the characteristics of . You can make a character to your own style, such as Audye, Gradient hair dyeing, and various costumes.

Already, the game is based on the high-end open world, and has achieved the top spot in the Apple App Store free game ranking abroad, the selection of features from various media, and achieving 10 million users.

SF Fantasy Open World RPG test schedule, including various contents news, can be found in official website or Official Naver Game Lounge .