Steam Summer Sale 2022 opens. Introducing a wide range of targets, from topical games to the lowest price update game

Valve launched SUMMER SALE 2022 on STEAM on June 24. The event is until 2:00 am on July 8th in Japan time. At Steam, more than 29,000 works are on sale prices at the time of writing, so you can buy games more easily than usual during the period. In this article, I will pick up some of the sales targets and introduce them. STEAM also offers a mini game in line with the SUMMER SALE 2022. If you search for Steam with a hint, you will get a badge.

First, let’s look at relatively new topical works and large titles.

A remake version of the masterpiece meta ADV The Stanley Parable, where the story branches depending on the player, with the story of the narrator. Scheduled to support Japanese subtitles.
・ 1721 yen/33 % off tax (store drink)

Set in Shibuya, where people are gone and the mystery is wandering, FPS is a mark and fights an occultist.
・ 4389 yen/50 % off tax (store drink)

■ Dying Light 2 stay Human
A sequel to the FPS that will survive in the world after zombie Pocaripus.
・ 5875 yen/33 % off tax (store drink)

■ Monster Hunter Rise
The latest series of Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break, which incorporates new actions Shokushi and Dragon that controls rampant monsters.
・ 3054 yen/49 % off tax (store drink)

■ Shadow Warrior 3
FPS fights with the devil’s army and guns in Neo and Middle Ages Japan, which combines old Samurai’s technology and magic.
・ 2450 yen/50 % off tax (store drink)

■ Rust
Recently, a multiplayer survival game where the story marta bar has shown a great excitement. The price is rising year by year.
・ 2597 yen/50 % off (store drink)

■ Hatsune Miku Project DIVA MEGA39’s +
A rhythm game containing more than 178 songs starring Hatsune Miku.
・ 3432 yen/20 % off tax (store drink)

■ Sophie’s Atelier 2-Mysterious Dream Alchemist-
An alchemist RPG that uses panel composition and seamless combat, where the alchemist Sophie who came to the visionary world Erde-Vige challenges a new adventure.

・ 6435 yen/25 % off tax (store drink)

■ Chorus
A space 3DSTG that gets into Foursekun, a fighter with a will and confront the dark cult group.
・ 2190 yen/50 % off (store drink)

■ Tales of Alise
The latest work of the Tales of series, where a young man who has lost his pain and memory confronts the pressure with a thorny girl.
・ 4389 yen/50 % off tax (store drink)

■ Core Keeper
A sandbox survival game for multi-players set in the underground world. Recently supports Japanese subtitles.
・ 1188 yen/10 % off (store drink) including tax

■ V Rising
An open world vampire survival action that stores power and expands its territory as a vampire who wakes up for a long sleep. Also supports Japanese subtitles the other day.
・ 1845 yen/10 % off (store drink) including tax

A historical strategy game that incorporates the elements of the clan tribe, which leads the nation as a king. Scheduled to support Japanese in June.
3984 yen/20 % off tax (store drink)

■ Anno: Mutationem
An action adventure that explores the cyberpunk world drawn in 2D+3D. Large apde to add new ends the other day.
・ 1799 yen/30 % off (store drink) including tax

■ Hundred Heroes RISING
Metroidvania is set in the world of Hyakumyo Den currently being developed.
・ 1264 yen/20 % off (store drink) including tax

■ Midnight Ghost Hunt
A 4 to 4 multiplayer hanbo, which is divided into hunters and ghosts.
・ 1435 yen/30 % off (store drink) including tax

■ Airborne Kingdom
An aerial city construction game that builds a city in the air and explores the vast world generated randomly.
・ 1799 yen/30 % off (store drink) including tax

■ Tiny Combat Arena
Combat flight simulator running in the sky with a retro graphic.
・ 1332 yen/35 % off (store drink)

■ Keplerth
A survival sand box with a view from a viewpoint that the hero who awakened on an alien planet lives while fighting for survival.
・ 1140 yen/25 % off tax (store drink)

In addition, from relatively small works and old works.

■ Playable Mockup
A deck-built horror game with a logical puzzle element, aiming to take a picture, build a deck and reach midnight.
・ 300 yen/40 % off tax (store drink)

■ Drainus
A horizontal scroll STG that controls a fighter with an energy absorbing device and fights the empire, where you can feel a tribute to the retro horizontal scroll STG.
・ 1184 yen/20 % off (store drink) including tax

■ ROAD 96
A road trip adventure for young people to the border with the aim of escaping from a dictatorship.
・ 1098 yen/50 % off tax (store drink)

■ Bravely Default II
An RPG that incorporates a combination of job/abilities and a pre-borrowing system in a turn-based command battle. A completely new work of the Bravely series.
・ 3740 yen/50 % off tax (store drink)

■ AI: Somnium File
An adventure game that operates the real world and the dream of the reference person and challenges the continuous bizarre murder case. The sequel will be released on Steam on the 25th.
・ 880 yen/80 % off tax (store drink)

■ Disco Elidium The Final Cut
An RPG that interacts with 24 personalities in the hero’s brain, pursuing the truth of the murder case in which a detective of amnesia has occurred in the city. The PC version will be Japanese on August 25.
・ 1434 yen/65 % off (store drink) including tax

A hikikomori RPG that adventures the colorful world and the faded world and faces the forgotten past.
・ 1188 yen/40 % off (store drink) including tax

■ Yugou Puzzle
A simple but chewy puzzle game that attaches all jelly of the same color.
・ 552 yen/20 % off tax (store drink)

A psycho-horror game of the shrine shrine maiden, which was inspired by Japanese folk tales.
・ 1064 yen/30 % off (store drink) including tax

■ Library of Ruina
The sequel to Lobotome Corporation, which invites guests to collect books and strengthen the decks to get one perfect book.
・ 1545 yen/50 % off tax (store drink)

RPG is a three former criminal friends challenging the mechanical tournament Ultimate Golden Gods Tournament.
・ 912 yen/40 % off tax (store drink)

■ Tumble Weed Destiny-The Fate of that child rolling through the wilderness
A tumble life simulation that rolls through the wilderness as a tumble weed.
・ 279 yen/10 % off (store drink) including tax

■ All girls for the world
A chewy rogue training game that operates the environment with resources and human resources cards and raises a girl as a savior.
・ 800 yen/20 % off tax (store drink)

In Steam, during the SUMMER SALE 2022 period, many other works are on sale prices. If you look at the store page, you may encounter good games and odd games that you haven’t seen yet.

SUMMER SALE 2022 will be held on Steam until 2:00 am on July 8th.