Conan Exiles: How to make isolated wood

Conan exiles: produce isolated wood-ingredients as well as process

Finally, Conan Exiles has to do with the information. The building products are developed for sure climate zones. Isolated wood can withstand the cold outside as well as is perfect for the north. You only require 2 active ingredients for isolated wood: completely dry wood (1x) as well as material (2x).


The procedure for the production of the isolated wood is as complies with:

  1. Develop a clothes dryer.
  2. Place wood with each other with bark (as gas) in the dryer.
  3. You can obtain an item of dry wood per pickled wood. After that place the completely dry wood in the workshop of the woodworker.
  4. Add Harz. Harz drops as a byproduct when drying, and you can also gather it with a pick-up hoe from trees.
  5. Start production on the right in the Baumenü as well as you will certainly receive a finished isolated wood after 10 seconds.

Isolated wood can hold up against the cold outside as well as is best for the north. You only need 2 ingredients for isolated wood: dry wood (1x) and material (2x).

In order to construct with isolated wood, you likewise need reinforced iron that you can generate in the workbench of the blacksmith. Here it is definitely suggested to make use of a blacksmith NPC with at the very least degree 2 on the workbench, as it double the efficiency.

You can obtain an item of dry wood per marinaded wood.