Clicker sequence Meat Beating: The Second Coming started distribution. Hit the approaching meat and calm down

Indie Belopper Kofi-S has launched the clicker game Meat Beating: The Second Coming on June 15. The compatible platform is PC (Steam).

This is a sequel to the clicker game Meat Beating: No More Horny ( related article). When you start playing, a fresh lump of fresh meat appears in front of you. The player selects the mode, just clicks and hits the meat. Right-click is right punch, left click is compatible with left punch. In the previous work, in the forest wrapped in gloomy fog, he was lonely hitting meat. In this work, you can concentrate on hitting the meat while listening to the birdsong under the clear and sunny sky.

The red gauge at the top of the screen recovers each time the meat hits, and the game ends when the gauge is g1. The number of times you hit the meat is registered in the ranking. Therefore, the player keeps hitting the meat without resting while maintaining his pace. Normal Beating is a normal mode that is immersed in meat beating. But it is not enough to keep hitting leisurely. In the previous work, the meat that was left like a sandbag, but in this work, it often attacks the player. In this state, the decrease in the bar will decrease faster, and you will also fight with a higher pace hitting than usual. If you hold up the flesh attack for a while, it will return to its original state. In the nervous music, the huge meat that twists your body and jumps is quite surreal.


Furthermore, if you keep hitting the meat for a long time, you will hear the voice of a man out of nowhere. Not a hallucination. The content of the story shows that he is also a person who works hard to beat the meat. This man seems to be the same person as a mysterious man appearing on the result screen. In addition, there is a track record that can be released by listening to all his lines during one play.

In addition to the normal mode, there is a Speedy Beating that competes for the number of flesh hitting in 20 seconds, and Endure Beating, which can no longer use the pose function. Each mode is compatible with the ranking function, so it is possible to compete with players around the world for patience.

The rating of this work is CERO: B (for 12 years or older). This is because this work contains a large amount of substance. In the first place, the title itself depends on the slang that hits masturbation, and it is all about the names of the mysterious men’s lines and achievements. This work is only compatible with English, but be careful when playing.

Meat Beating: The Second Coming is being distributed in steam. The price is 310 yen, and it can be purchased for 186 yen, 40 % off until June 23. Players who are confident in hitting meat, and players who want to challenge unprecedented areas, why not take this opportunity?