Scandinavian mythology survival VALHEIM is released for Xbox. PC/Xbox Game Pass compatible, Steam version and cross -playable

Iron Gate Studio announced on June 15 that it will release Valheim for the Xbox platform. It will also be distributed to Microsoft Store. The distribution time is scheduled for the fall of 2022 for the Microsoft Store and the early 2023 for Xbox. It also supports crossplay with the Steam version.

Valheim is a survival game on the theme of Scandinavian mythology and buffet, which is being distributed early for PCs on Steam. The goal is to bring order to the chaotic world while defeating the nemesis for Odin, the main god Odin. In a vast world that is generated automatically (procedural), a living infrastructure is established through hunt and construction. While fighting legendary creatures, we will explore the world.


This work has been talked about mainly on word-of-mouth since the early access distribution started in February 2021, and recorded the number of simultaneously connected players of more than 500,000 at the peak (Steamdb). In April this year, sales were reported to exceed 10 million copies, and sales were strong. STEAM user reviews have received more than 300,000 reviews at the time of this writing, and 95 % are popular overwhelmingly popular status.

It has been revealed that such popular works will be released for the Xbox platform. It will also be distributed for PCs on Microsoft Store. It will also be offered to PC/Xbox Game Pass, respectively. It also supports crossplay between Steam/Xbox platforms/Microsoft Store versions. The Xbox Platform/Microsoft Store version is transplanted by Piktiv and Koch Media Studio Fishlabs. It is different from the developer Iron Gate Studio.

VALHEIM is currently available early access to PC (Steam). In the fall of 2022, it will be distributed for PC GAME PASS and Xbox Game Pass in early 2023.