Soulstice received a new cinematic and release date

As part of the PC Gaming Show, a new cinematic trailer for Soulstice, a gloomy action from the Reply Game Studios, and the release date was also shown.


Despite the fact that Soulstice has a gloomy visual series and in places can resemble projects from Fromsoftware, the game is not something in the Soulslike genre. The gameplay in Soulstice is much closer to the Devil May Cry series and boasts high dynamics of the combat system.

Brire and Lut are sisters who have become a chemist (a hybrid warrior born as a result of the merger of two souls). The transformation endowed the Brire with inhuman strength and endurance, and Lut, in order to connect with her sister, sacrificed herself and became a ghost with mystical abilities. Sisters will have to restore the city destroyed by ghosts. However, they still find out that the order in which they consist has much more large-scale plans.

The release of Soulstice is scheduled for September 20, 2022 and will take place on the consoles of the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC. Everyone can register on the official website of the game to receive a demonstration version that will be released in August 2022.