The desert fox girl Ronmel also appears! World War II Visual Novel My Little Dictator

Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAME*Spark readers who are lamenting, saying, I don’t know what kind of game it is! Therefore, it is this project Explosive Speed Play Repo to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, Wargirl Games released to PC (Steam) on June 6, 2022 I would like to deliver the content of the live for My Little Dictator (English title My Little Dictator). think.

What is My little dictator

Wargirl Games is a visual novel full of black comedy and satire. The stage is World War II. Players will be the officials of Zipang, the official of the Japanese Empire, Yamamoto Yamato, and will interact with beautiful girls modeled on historical figures.


The feature of this work is that not only simply replacing historical people with beautiful girls, but also drawing the world at that time quite a bit in terms of politics, diplomatic, and military aspects. However, the stage is a fictional world. The name and country name are all changed to different names from the real world. For example, Germany is Germania, and Adolf Hitler is Adroopia Hitra.

There are many parodys and comedys with history as a story, and if you are familiar with the history of World War II, you can enjoy just guessing the original story.

The main character’s motif is Japanese and the title is Japanese, but Japanese is not currently supported.

approaching the actual content of My small dictator!

When you start the game, the prologue starts after choosing the difficulty of the battle part.

The stage is the desert area in the Kirakana region of North Africa. Elvina Ronmel, a commander of the Germania and African Corps and a fox ear, was standing on the Yaktoti Garin destroyer and waiting for the approaching enemy army.

The Britannia and rat troops, led by her nemesis Ben Monty, who have been fighting many times, are three times the Germania army. Monti is confident that even Ronmel, who has a reputation for mobility, can not escape.

The combat between the two in the desert was fierce, and many soldiers died. Monty urges Ronmel to be siege and gives up to escape.

However, she did not give up Ronmel, who was nicknamed Desert Fox. When a Germanian army’s destroyer tank hidden in the ridgeline attacks Britannia, it strikes confusion and breaks through the siege.

The Germannian army’s Panzi tank was shaken off Britannia’s chinchilla tanks, and fled to the horizon of the upset Monty.

I thought it was Ronmel’s complete victory, but Monty was not defeated. She immediately ordered to pursue, and she catches up with the Germania army. Ronmel challenged Monti to a one-on-one game to earn time for her ally to escape.

Monty tells Ronmel, where she confront. I can run away, small fox. I’ll hunt as usual. Ronmel answers with a cool face. The fox does not escape the rat. It is the mouse who is eaten!

The confrontation between them had just begun.

At the beginning of the prologue, the curtain closes. Those who are familiar with history may already be aware. The prologue introduced is based on the battle between the German and British troops on the North African front. The characters of the characters are Elvin Ronmel , which was actually called the Desert Fox, and Bernard Montrogly **, nicknamed Monty.

In this way, all words written in katakana have the original story. I used katakana to make it easier to read, but it may be easier to guess the original story in English. For example, the place name Kiracana is the original story of the real world Kirenaica.

approaching the system of My Small Dictator!

After the prologue, the stage moves to the capital of Zipang’s capital. The protagonist, Yamamoto Yamato, was hospitalized with a gunshot on the shoulder at the forefront. An unexpected person appears there, and life begins to change dramatically.

The story of this work is basically a single road. In the range I played in the early stages, there are only options such as who talks to and what to talk to in the middle scene, and there is no big difference to choose any option. There is a possibility that there is a story branch, but it could not be confirmed early.

This work has a battle part. In a command battle format such as JRPG, you will be instructed by direction to the party members and proceed. In the early stages, there was no battle other than the event, so we could not check the details of the battle system.

As introduced at the beginning of the article, this work is not a visual novel simply replacing a historical person with a beautiful girl. The stage is moved to a fictitious world, with parody and comedy, but the world at the time of World War II is quite full-fledged in terms of politics, diplomatic, and military aspects.

For example, in the speech scene of Hitler’s model, Adlopia Hitra, describes Hitler’s political philosophy and speeches in detail. In addition, Japanese military strategies and military conflicts at the time may be depicted. Of course, diplomatic relations such as alliance and treaty reflect the actual history.

As introduced in the prologue, the part drawn as a fiction seems to be a glance, and in most cases there is a solid original story. Although the names are different, the geography and history of each country are set in detail according to the real world, and if you examine the impressive lines in detail, you may have been a historic parody of lines.

It is also a feature of this work that historical photos are inserted everywhere. The image below is a scene that explains the history of Zipang, but it uses photos that I have seen somewhere. Similarly, many photos of historical weapons and buildings appear.

Although this work is focusing on historical depictions, it does not continue to experience serious history. Comedy elements are studded everywhere, and abundant BGM and light sound effects play a role in enhancing the atmosphere. Of course, it goes without saying that attractive beautiful girls will appear.

Not only beautiful girls, authentic World War II Visual Nobell

This work is a full-fledged visual novel ** set in World War II. Not only the appearance of beautiful girls, but the fictitious world, which is the stage, reflects the real history in terms of politics, diplomatic, and military aspects.

There are many modifications and parody of the name and place name of the history of history, and if you are familiar with World War II, you can enjoy just guessing the original story. It is also recommended for those who like animation works such as Girls & Panzer and Strike Witches.