They present ancient character in Sonic Prime

This 2022 is being glorious for Sonic the Hedgehog, since two new video games are going to be released in later days and at the beginning of the year, in addition to the film that premiered in cinemas a few months ago. For its part, another of the products expected by fans is Sonic Prime, Netflix that little by little is giving us new details.

For that reason, it was evident that they should give some advance in the Geeked Week of the platform, where we have seen interesting ads such as the new series of Castlevania, that of Dragon Age, _Tekken And much more. Specifically, what was shown was a video confirming the presence of Big the cat, an old acquaintance of the saga.

For unwanted, Big the cat is a giant cat that was originally introduced in Sonic Adventure for Sega Dreamcast, it is worth mentioning that some idolize it and others do not support it. However, it is evident that he is an important part within the blue franchise, after all it was in the first 3D video game of the character.


Here the synopsis of the series:

Sonic Prime is a series of animation starring the best known blue hedgehog in the world of video games. The story follows this little and fast protagonist in a high caliber adventure where the fate of a strange new multiverse rests on his hands.

For now it has no release date. It is only known that he will reach Netflix at some point of 2022.