Fighting Action Game Final Bendetta, PS version official release on the 10th

Game Pia (CEO Jung Jong-heon) announced that it will officially release the Belt Scroll Fighting Action Game ‘Final Bendetta’ PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 package products developed by Bitmap Bureau in cooperation with MAXSOFT PTE LTD. This product officially supports Korean subtitles.

‘Final Bendetta’ is a Belt Scroll fighting action game, and the player must rescue Claire Sparks’ sisters kidnapped by the gang in a city in which the notorious gang ‘Syndicate 8’ was dominated. This game is produced using pixel art animations that will cause fans of the classic arcade game, and support both game modes (arcade, survival, VS, boss rush) and solo and two-person coop play. do.

The playable characters are the main character, Claire Sparks, and the former professional wrestler Miller T. Williams, and Duke Sancho, a seasoned bare barefoot fighter. You have to go through the distance of the mean London. Each character can connect the combo by using different fighting styles and combining various behaviors such as blocking, running, avoiding, and catching.

In addition, the player can choose the desired difficulty of the three difficulty levels, so even the users who enter the genre of this game are configured to enjoy the game without burden. In addition, the soundtracks used in the game will be composed by UTAH SAINTS, FeatureCast, and Krafty Kuts, famous British dance & techno music artists.

The deliberation rating of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 ‘Final Bandetta’ package product, which is officially released in Korea on June 10, 2022, is 12 years old. The Nintendo Switch version is scheduled to be released on June 23. For more information about the product, please visit the game Pia blog, Facebook and Instagram.