Özils advisor Sögüt slams nepotism: every one of these agents are romping around Bayern Munich

Mesut Özil’s consultant Erkut Sögüt sharply criticized FC Bayern Munich. Specifically, it is about the allegation of the nepotism.

The 41-year-old spoke to the daily Mail about his book Deadline. It is about nepotism in professional football. Sögüt cited Bayern as an example of this under the leadership of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Uli Hoeneß.

I will give you an example for this: Bayern Munich, not too long ago, because Rummenigge is no longer active there, and Hoeneß is not. The brother of Rummenigge is a football agent, the son of Rummenigge, Roman, is also a football agent, said Sögüt. Hoeneß’s brother is a football agent, and not too long ago Matthias Sammer worked for the club. His son is also a football agent.

His accusation: the family connections would make negotiations difficult. Imagine all these agents frolic around the Bayern Munich football club. You are already 0: 1 behind. You are fighting someone who has a family member in the club, what can you do?

According to bild, none of the advisors mentioned currently have more than two players from the Bayern youth performance center.

ÖZIL consultant criticizes handling of talents from Africa

Sögüt also criticized the dealings with young talents from Africa. Many would sit up. In his opinion, 15,000 to 20,000 minors are in Europe, lured by false promises. I met a player in Nairobi who paid money to so-called consultants. He had a letter with him who looked like an invitation to trial training at Werder Bremen.

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A demand from the club had exposed the letter as a fake. I asked him what he paid to these people. […] He had already paid $ 3,000. And he said that every family had added something from his village so that he could go.