Immortal devil: launch time, predescarga and weight weight

It is the final stretch before the launch of Immortal Diablo, and Blizzard has published a road map with all the information you need to know how to play in the right way for the launch.

In Spain, the launch of Immortal devil is scheduled for on June 2 at 7:00 p.m. Peninsular time) in iOS, Android and PC . In Latin America it will be available around 12-1. Although it is no terrible time, we should expect connection problems, as always happens with the launch of the online titles of the study. Diablo 3 had them, Diablo 2 also resurred, and we think it is optimistic to wait for Diablo Immortal to be free.


Immortal devil can already be downloaded on PC from the client, which will please modest connections users. This version of the game is of a surprising weight, since it is 26.8 GB .

Although textures and music are certainly not compressed and are of higher quality than those of the mobile version, the difference with mobile game is still incredible.

The final weight of the mobile version of the game is not yet officially known. With the information we have, and based on the last beta, The game should weigh around 4 GB in mobile devices , plus some additional downloads for advanced areas.

It is better to do it through Wifi. Soon you can start downloading from your app store or Google Play.

Progress shared on mobile devices and PC

Officially, the PC version of the game customer is in beta, but in practice, you can change device and maintain your progress. It is expected that certain options and functionalities of the PC version are not yet well finished.

However, you must install the application on the mobile device and on PC, and log in with the same account to preserve progress.

Choose your server wisely

There are dozens of game servers for Immortal Diablo, are divided between geographies and languages. Several are planned in Spanish, if you plan to play with friends or family, Be sure to create a character on the same server. It is currently not possible to transfer a character from one server to another .