How to create a workshop in V Rising

In the V Rising Workshop is one of the different rooms present in the game. Various rooms in V Rising allow you to create various types of equipment that give certain advantages. This leadership explains how to create a workshop in V Riding.

Requirements for creating a workshop in V Riding

To create a workshop in V Rising, you first need to unlock the floor of the workshop. The floor of the workshop opens after the murder of Grayson the gunsmith.

How to unlock the floor of the workshop in V Riding

Grayson gunsmith is a boss of a bleeder V level 27, located in the Farbein forest. For your convenience, we have an image of a map showing Grayson’s location in V Rising.

Go to the place on the map to fight Graison and defeat it in order to get the floor recipe in the workshop. Then, to create a workshop, go to your castle and choose a place where you can place the floor of the workshop.

This will create a workshop and unlock bonuses of certain types of equipment.

Bonuses of the Workshop V Ringing

The workshop in V Rising gives the following bonuses:

  • Craft production rate increases

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* 25% less materials necessary for the manufacture of objects.

The next equipment also gives bonuses for the next equipment.

The carpentry table * _:This equipment allows you to create objects such as crossbows, bows, etc.
sawmill: sawmill in V Rising allows you to make boards and reinforced boards along with other objects.
Grinder: The grinder can be used to create grave dust, stone bricks and other items.