Experienced rhythm game Roteno, formal release

The rhythm game , developed by Dream Engine Games and distributed by XD, was released today (30th) on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Tap Tab.

Roteno is a method of playing while rotating from side to side using gyro sensor, and is the first haptic mobile rhythm game that is different from existing mobile rhythm games.

The Roteno, released in the form of a paid game, can be purchased for 3900 won to play the basic contents, and additional content with music packs should be purchased by the in-game payment method.

rhythm game fans

The basic content includes 24 free songs and the contents of the story mode chapter 1. In the release version, you can purchase two additional expansion music packs, and will add one expansion music pack through an update every month.

In order to commemorate the launch, there is also an event that allows you to receive free songs that can be played in the game. From today, you can receive 1 song and 4 songs every week.

The song that can be picked this week is ‘極 彩 の ー ト ー ア’ by the Hyun composer, and the three other songs will be held on June 6, June 13, and June 20, respectively.

XD said, “We will actively accept and improve the opinions of the players and continue to actively actively work with Roteno.”