Nintendo Switch Online “Kirbys Kirby 64” is found in the overseas version of “Kirby underwater bug”. Frozen in the sea and cannot progress

Nintendo of America announced on May 28 that a bug was discovered in “ Kirby 64 ” recorded in Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online that would make it impossible under specific conditions. The patch will be distributed next week. The bug seems to occur mainly in the overseas version.

“Kirby 64” is a title recorded in Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online from May 20. Kirby helps a fairy girl ribbon from the sky and collects fragments of crystals scattered in space. Use the “copy ability mix” that triggers by combining copy abilities to adventure many stars. A journey across the universe with friends such as Wadoldi, Adeleine, and Dedede Great.

The bugs mentioned by Nintendo of America this time are likely to refer to the bug reported in level 3 Urluster stage 4. The stage will swim in the water from the beginning to the end. Then, if you receive damage at the same stage and take continuous damage during the invincible time, the movement of Kirby will freeze. Since the state where it is impossible to operate as it is, there is no other way to recover except to leave the stage from the menu and start over. It can be said to be a serious problem that is classified as an incompetent bug. In addition, the same bug seems to have been reported in the level 3 boss stage, which is also a underwater battle.

On the other hand, the bug seems to be mainly reported mainly in the overseas version. Within the observation range, no users were reporting a problem in Japan. Also, when I tried it for about an hour, I couldn’t confirm the outbreak of a bug. Since Nintendo of America is only announced as Nintendo’s announcement, it may be considered that this bug has only occurred in the overseas version of Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online. Also, since the same bug was not seen in the original version of Kirby 64, it seems good that an emulation problem has occurred.

“Kirby 64” is being distributed to Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.