Destiny 2: What does Jotunn Catalyst do and how to get it

The yotun from Destiny 2 is one of the most unique exotic types of weapons in the game, more like a boxing glove than a pistol. The exotic thermonuclear rifle for a long time was without a catalyst for the simple reason that without it it was too good. It seems that Bungie found a way to give her favorite weapon a catalyst, without making it too powerful. This is what Jotunn Catalyst does in Destiny 2.

Jotunn Catalyst-What is he doing?

Jotunn Catalyst was added to the game without prior notice to Season of the Haunted. The catalyst gives weapons two benefits . The first is known as driven into a corner , and this gives the yotunes a faster time of charging or the time of extraction when they are surrounded by fighters. Another bonus is known as incandescent lamp . This perk forces the burn to spread to those who are nearby, after the victory over the target. Stronger fighters and warring guards cause a burn in a larger radius.

How to get an Yotun catalyst in Destiny 2

To get Jotunn Catalyst, you will need a little good luck, since it falls only when end the strikes , males of matches or gambling games . This should not be too unfamiliar, since many exotic catalysts work the same way. As soon as you get Catalyst for Jotunn, you will need to completely unlock it, defeat 500 goals with weapons.

The exotic rifle of Jotunn Fusion Rifle is definitely not what you would like to see in your hand opposing guards, and if you are not lucky to stumble upon someone who has it, you better hope that they do not have a catalyst.

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