C2X NFT Market Place, Boy Group Veribberry US Tour Video NFT exclusive sale

Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong -guk) announced on the 23rd that it will sell NFT video of Boy Group and Berryberry at ‘C2X NFT Market Place’ developed by its subsidiary Com2S Platform (CEO Jae -Joon Song) and the global branch ‘Com2us USA’.. Berry Berry is attracting attention as a growth idol, with more than 100,000 sales sales with the recently released regular album ‘Veriversy Series O [ROUND 3: Whole]’.

NFT, which is sold this time, ‘2021 Veriversy 1ST TOUR in U.S. [First Edition] ” Berry Berry’s first American tour video is a vivid scene. In addition, if the NFT is purchased by the 9th of next month, the promotion will be provided to present additional NFT photo cards of all berry berry members. ‘C2X NFT Market Place’ is an English -based global service that allows you to pay for US dollars through PayPal and credit cards. Use is limited in some countries, including Korea, China, Japan, and Singapore.

(C2X NFT) 2021 VERIVERY 1st TOUR IN U.S. Trailer

‘C2X NFT Market Place’ is a platform that can trade works of various areas such as K-pop artists, games and digital arts. The platform is a convenient interface that drastically reduced consumers’ entry barriers to NFT assets. In addition, the company used the same standard as Open Sea, the world’s largest NFT exchange, to expand its scalability. The girl group who started selling monopoly with the opening, ‘Girl of the Month’, ‘2022 Concert LOONAVERSE: From’ video NFT was released in two days. It will be sold. The Breaking Dance Survival Entertainment Program ‘Showdown’ NFT, which is currently being broadcast on JTBC, will also be sold on the 24th of this month.