Gloomhaven arrives in consoles in 2023

The digital adaptation of gloom Haven,one of the best qualified board games of all time, will be launched for consoles in 2023. Asmodee Digital announced that it would launch a version for console of _gloom have next year, after the successful launch of the game For PC at the end of 2021. Sabre Interactive, a game study also owned by the owner of Asmodee, embarrass Group, will develop the adaptation for consoles. Flaming Fowl Studios originally developed gloom have for PC.

“We are excited to bring gloom have to new players from around the world with Sabre Interactive,” said the CEO of Digital Asmodee, Pierre Ortolan, in a press release. “Associations like this are one of the great advantages that we have now available as part of embarracking Group, and we hope to take advantage of more opportunities to offer our fans in the future.”

Gloom Haven is a deep and thematic cooperative board game that combines dungeon tracking with an inherited style format. The players choose two actions to take each turn from a hand. While you can choose to bring letters to your hand with a prolonged rest, your cards are exhausted slowly and a character is eliminated when they run out of letters. There is also an element of uncertainty in the game, since attacks and skills are modified with a modifier attack that includes letters that strengthen an attack, as well as letters that deny it completely. Over time, players level up to their character, which provides them with more powerful skills and permanent modifiers of attacks and skills.

Another unique aspect of gloom have is that each player has a unique objective that tries to complete. Once a unique objective is completed, his current character retires and can choose another character. Certain characters and classes unlock over time, so part of fun is to choose a new character and learn his ideal strategy.

Gloomhaven — Console Announcement
The digital version of gloom Haven includes both the main campaign and the expansion «Jaws of the Lion», which is based on the independent version gloomhaven: the jaws of the lion board game that aims to serve as a more simplified version of the game. A sequel to _gloomhaven, Frosthaven,will be launched this year.