The best place for the pharma of copper ore in V Riding

Materials are required in V Rising to create a new equipment and improve your castle. Copper is an extremely important resource in the early stages of the game, as it is necessary to create copper ingots for the manufacture of better weapons and walls of the castle. Here is the best place to extract copper ore.

gangster copper mine

The best place for copper at the beginning of the game is gangster copper mine . To collect copper, you will need reinforced mace . This place is a mine in the middle of the Farbein forest, in which there are a large number of copper deposits that are regularly revived. You will also find several chests surrounding the mine and the V Blood boss at the bottom of the mine. After you are equipped with enhanced equipment, this is the best place for regular pharma of chests and copper.

how to make copper ingots

To create a copper weapon, you first need to turn copper ore into ingot. This is done by building oven in your castle. To build a furnace requires 480 units of stone and 60 units of copper ore. Place copper ore in the input section, and copper ingots will begin to melt. For one copper ingot, 20 copper ore is required.

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