Wild Arena Survivors mobile from Ubisoft was released in Canada

The release of a colorful mobile game from Ubisoft in the GenreRoyal Battle” – Wild Arena Survivors took place. True, so far servers are open only in Canada and only on devices with Android. But in the near future, a global release and connection of devices on iOS are expected.

Wild Arena Survivors offers not only a shooter mechanics with an isometric location of the camera, but also other gameplay systems. The exotic island is filled with resources that players can use to open and improve new survivors. These survivors have their abilities and skills that will give players an advantage over opponents.

Wild Arena Survivors (Ubisoft) - Battle Royale CBT Gameplay (Android/IOS)

Matches on average last ten minutes, and areas are designed for 40 players. The modes of single and team game on two and three survivors are available.