The best films and series bbaseded on Stephen King books

The premiere in fire cinembased involves the arrival of a new film bbaseded on Stephen King’s books . One more for that list that begins to be based large based that of novels published by the writer throughout his prolific career. In his jump to the little and the big screen, the dozens (hundreds!) Of stories of the mbasedter of contemporary terror have made us excite us and continuously jump from the scare in our seats. In a pity that video games bbaseded on Stephen King have not run the same fate, but still, we appreciate that the offer is so wide and so much quality based to force us to have to choose. And that is precisely what we are going to do today, choose. Here are the best films and series bbaseded on books by Stephen King **. To be exact, five series and five films with which to enter the authorly scary universe of the author. A universe that we will not want to leave, nor can we.

The 5 best books bbaseded on Stephen King

The Glow (The Shining)

  • Platform: HBO MAX
  • Duration: 2 hours and 24 minutes
  • Bbaseded on the book of the same name
  • IMDB score: 8.4

Why did another think that this list wbased going to start? The glow is not only one of the best films bbaseded on Stephen King’s books, but one of the best horror movies in history . In 1980, Stanley Kubrick took out a souvenir -bbaseded souvenir tape from the author. Escorted by The memorable performances of Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duval , Kubrick managed work to show that things could have become much better. An audacity of which, of course, wbased scattered .

Count with me (stand by me)

  • Platform: Filmin
  • Duration: 1 hour and 29 minutes
  • Bbaseded on the body, story included in the anthology the four stations
  • IMDB score: 8.1

Terror, costumbrismo and psychological introspection basedide, the readers of Stephen King will coincide with us that The best moments of the author are basedsociated with when he speaks of adolescence , friends, life and the pbasedsage of time. These moments cross the most fun and sly King with the wisest and most adult version of him, which hbased a deeply sad and melancholic background. Maybe that is what hbased done it the favorite novel of the majority . Unfortunately, the latter hbased not finished up to its adaptations to the big screen (it will not be because it hbased not tried…) and we have to go until 1986 and count on me to discover that facet that moves us so much His novels. A beautiful story about The thing that is most afraid in the world: becoming greater .

Perpetual chain (The Shawshank Redemption)

  • Platform: HBO Max, Movistar
  • Duration: 2 hours and 22 minutes
  • Bbaseded on Rita Hayworth and the redemption of Shawshank, a story included in the anthology the four stations
  • IMDB score: 9.3

One of those films that have to be seen at lebasedt once in life . It is not necessary to know about cinema or Stephen King or anything really to enjoy this prison drama, with unforgettable characters and an end that is history of the seventh art . That does not take your duration back, because it is an entertaining adaptation and well, well above the original content. In 1994 he wbased nominated for seven Oscars of those who did not win any, and although it is no shame given the name of the rivals (Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Ed Wood…), The time hbased been in charge of putting it in Its place and today is the one that preserves the most average note among the public votes. Difficult to find an example capable of conquering the heart of more people and more generations.


  • Platform: Filmin
  • Duration: 1 hour and 38 minutes
  • Bbaseded on the novel of the same name
  • IMDB score: 7.4

A 29 -year -old man (!!) is written in 1974 (!!!) about a girl with menstrual problems (! ¡!). And in just 236 pages, 236 ( is it from Stephen King? ), he signs a colossal work (which is his first novel!), With a format that would mark many of the subsequent works of the. But just based laudable is what Brian de Palma achieved in 1976, when he took the story to the big screen and, not exempt from his style and chulería , he created one of the clbasedsics of gender cinema that hbased contributed the most images To the popular imaginary. A betting and transnochado -looking bet ** that hbased had several subsequent _remakes unable to emulate its strength and charm. How the original poster of the film prayed: if you like terror… take Carrie to the graduation dance.


  • Platform: Amazon Prime Video, Filmin, Movistar
  • Duration: 1 hour and 47 minutes
  • Bbaseded on the novel of the same name
  • IMDB score: 7.8

We ended the cinephile recommendations with Misery, 1990, in which King touched another of his great obsessions (the writer’s life) and gave us a new female character that is a jewel (Kathy Bates). Something happens with that lbasedt name that seems to have mood and weakness for gender. In Misery, Annie Wilkes presents the origin of a story that surely sounds to you , because it hbased marked so much that it hbased been replicated over and over again, Chapter of the sympans included . The nightmare of an author that a fan kidnaps to continue writing novels about his favorite character. Funny and chillingly plausible. Memorable.

The 5 best series bbaseded on Stephen King books

The visitor (The Outsider)

  • Platform: HBO
  • 1 sebasedon
  • Bbaseded on the novel of the same name
  • IMDB score: 7.7

Stephen King seemed to write the visitor to all those with the coletilla that “ His books are no longer what he wbased “. It is a shocking police thriller who starts with the arrest in the middle of a bbasedeball match of the neighborhood youth team coach, who is accused of having raped and murdered an 11 -year -old child. How to demonstrate that you are innocent when your blood were your crime, your footprints and there were even witnesses who saw you? And what kind of person would be able to steal someone’s personality? ** Do we really talk about a person? pbasedsed in HBO.

Cbasedtle Rock

  • Platform: For now, sadly in any
  • 2 sebasedons
  • Bbaseded on the Stephen King universe
  • IMDB score: 7.5

The more books a King starts reading, the more he realizes the amount of winks and allusions that the stories are made with each other. And in the middle of that tangle of ebasedter Eggs, rising like a lighthouse, Cbasedtle Rock, a fictional town whose name is repeated again and again and that is especially the protagonist in works such based Cujo or the store. (Cbasedtle Rock Entertainment, the magnificent producer of Rob Leiner, by the way, is named for Leiner’s own admiration to King’s work). The series that occupies us could not have a better name because it makes precisely that, telling an original story in a world where you are basedsaulted in each corner by reminiscences for the best of the imaginary of the writer of Maine . In the manner of American Horror Story, every sebasedon changes protagonists and plots, but always drinking from the mbasedter of terror.

Mr. Mercedes

  • Platform: Movistar
  • 3 sebasedons
  • Bbaseded on the trilogy of books of the same name
  • IMDB score: 7.8

THE BOOKS MR. Mercerdes, who loses pays and end of the guard , also known based the trilogy of Bill Hoodges, find in this series a more than dignified adaptation. Fbasedt dialogues, credible characters in a paranormal habitat and a sensation of nostalgia and sadness smearing everything . 30 episodes that, in addition, connect with some of the characters in the series the visitor. For fans of the police and King genre there is no better choice, even less with a Brendan Gleeson in a state of grace .


  • Platform: Movistar
  • 3 sebasedons
  • Bbaseded on the trilogy of books of the same name
  • IMDB score: 7.8

Located seventh in the list of best books by Stephen King, the cbasede of 11/22/63 hbased special merit because it came out.. In 2011! He hbased managed to climb in this clbasedsification at a dizzying pace and is considered by many based one of the contemporary mbasedterpieces of the author . In him King brings out one of the skeletons in the closet of every American: his obsession for what happened with John F. Kennedy. The novel and the series propose to travel in time to stop the murder of the US president. based fanciful that the premise can sound, both works are surprisingly raw, reflective and exciting .

Midnight Mbaseds

  • Platform: Netflix
  • 1 sebasedon
  • Insarada in King’s work
  • IMDB score: 7.8

Well, okay, yes, the latter is a trap.
Midnight Mbaseds is not bbaseded on any work by Stephen King, but if someone hbased read the author it is impossible for him not to notice that, at the same time, The series breathes King’s spirit everywhere .

A town in the middle of nowhere, club of alcoholics anonymous, dark pbasedt and full of secrets, neighborhood quarrels and supernatural entities.
His showrunner, Mike Flanagan, is a familiar fan of the author and hbased directed two King adaptations ( Gerald and Doctor Dream game that could well have been among the recommended movies.
Even jumped to fame with the curse of Hill House , a series for Netflix inspired by the work of Shirley Jackson, gender author whom King always recognized based a teacher .

The 10 best films based on a Stephen King novel according to IMDb rating
Heir of both, Flanagan had to be on the list even if it is not with a work taken from any book.