The best skins for Newkal in Apex Legends

Jackson Williams. Lamont Craig. Newcastle is a person with many names and different appearance. The elder brother of Bangalore joined the list of Apex Legends as a protective legend hoping to save his city. He is all about the protection of those who need protection, but in life and on the battlefield. The theme of the defender also reflects in many cosmetics of Newcasl, therefore, without further words, here are the best skins of Newkal in Apex Legends.

Standard legendary skins

  • Complex rebirth
  • Green mosaic
  • Star Savior
  • Valiant defender

In some of these images, Newkasl looks as if he had just left the castle. He is definitely a knight in shining armor, whether from the future or from the past. Our favorite images in this set are Complex Rebirth and Starbound Savior.

Other outstanding skins

  • Brandmauer (Epic)
  • Heroic command (legendary)

  • Hydro (general)

All PAY TO WIN skins in Apex Legends *NEW*

Newcasio was lucky to get a really good skin of combat pass in the season when it was presented. The red-yellow image inspired by firefighters is ideal for the background of his character. His skin Launch Bundle, Heroic Command, is also great for him. Finally, we had never posted a common skin here before, but the general color schemes look very good in Newcastle, and Hydro was our favorite.

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