Nintendo Switch: Third Party Controller promises no stick

Regardless of whether PS5, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch Pro-Controller or Joy-Cons: So sooner or later all controllers will fight with the so-called stick drift. A supposed input is registered, but the users did not even do. The King Kong Pro 2 from Gulikit, on the other hand, relies on a completely different approach than most controllers. That could make him an extremely welcome alternative.

The King Kong Pro 2 supposedly solved the stick drift problem-forever

That’s what it’s about: Stick drift is developing into a real problem and no manufacturer has so far been spared. Both PS5 and Xbox Series S/X fans complain about the technical difficulties and the Nintendo Switch-Joy-Cons have achieved sad celebrity. Nintendo is now being sued several times and recently the repair company even made headlines:

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Nintendo Switch:

Joy-Con drift problem is so solid that repair company was completely overwhelmed


Unboxing de Gulikit KingKong PRO Controller - ¡Domina tus partidas en Switch!
This is the King Kong Pro 2: Behind the somewhat curious name is a kind of elite controller for the Nintendo Switch. Because the design of the input device looks pretty similar to that of Microsoft’s first Xbox elite controller. And just like the obvious model, the third party alternative comes with some advantages. For example, with the full-bodied promise that these analog sticks should never have problems with stick drift.

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** How can this work? This seems to work quite well in the GIZMODO’s large controller test and so far no stick drift has occurred.

also works elsewhere: The new third party presser can not only be used at the Nintendo Switch, but also works, for example, on the PC or smartph1. The transmission runs via Bluetooth, but a cable is also included.

No waiver is necessary: Often users of third party controllers have to do without functions of the originals. This is not the case with the Gulikit controller. You will not only receive a rumble function, but also the gyroscope and amiibo support. The switch can also be woken from the rest mode at the push of a button on the home button.

The price: The King Kong Pro 2 should cost just under 70 euros and is therefore a bit over the normal Switch Pro, Xbox Series S/X and PS5 controllers.

How does it all sound to you? Are you interested in the controller?