Pokemon confirms important anime returns for Eight Masters

Viajes Pokémon __ has constantly seen many of the fans’ main favorites return to anime during the most recent iteration of the anime so far, and now it has confirmed that even more heavy hitters are returning with the Masters alignment Eight, the best coaches in the World Coronation Series! Ash Ketchum has been rapidly ascending in the classifications of this world tournament on anime so far, and the most recent episode of the series gave him the opportunity to reach the final tournament with the eight best coaches in the world in general.

Alain Returns! Masters 8 Confirmed! Pokémon Journeys Anime Breakdown!
Ash has faced many famous fans of the past fans in their battles through the Ultra class, but officially reached Masters Eight with the newest episode of the series. It was here that the final list of the Teacher Tournament was revealed, and it was confirmed that there are some important returns in this alignment with the never seen before Hoenn Steven Stone champion, the master of Mega Evolution Alain, the champion of Unova Iris and the champion of Kalos. Diantha are the last four mysterious members on the final list.

Three of the Masters Eight coaches had previously revealed with Leon (in the first place), Sinnoh Cynthia (in second place) and Kanto and Johto Champion Lance (in fourth place), all previously revealed in previous episodes. Iris is the new most surprising revelation considering that Ash had defeated her on her way to the Ultra class in an previous episode (and it seemed that it was also a surprise for him), but the other two have been important returns requested by fans. throughout the episodes so far.

Steven’s inclusion makes sense taking into account all other regional champions in the final group, but Alain is a huge and unexpected return. It is likely that Alain has reached the sixth rank thanks to its domain of the megaevolution, and fans still have resentment for the result of his battle with Ash during the days of the Kalos region. This could be preparing for a main rematch between the two, but unfortunately the final support for the Teacher Tournament (or the start date of the episode) has not yet been established.

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