How to get a rabbit foot in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley offers many happy objects that fell out of animals in the game, but not one of them is as known as a rabbit foot. You can get a rabbit foot in three ways, one of which is quite dark.

How to get Rabbit's Foot - Stardew Valley

where to find a rabbit foot in Stardew Valley

Obviously, the easiest way to get a rabbit foot is to buy it in wandering merchant . A wandering merchant can be found in Sinersep forest on Friday and Sunday in a wandering cart. Sometimes there are rabbit paws 1695–2825 g . We recommend this method, since it is the most reliable, and you can test it twice a week.

You can also use the dark method that we discussed earlier. Rabbits often give a leg when they are grown on a farm. Be sure to check them every day and raise them joy and mood. The leg of the rabbit will eventually be found on the ground, without explaining what rabbit paid the price.

They say that snakes throw them into the cranial cave, but it is so rare that you can hope to get them from another animal. You can more reliably get a rabbit foot using the methods described above.

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