The new Sniper Elite 5 trailer shows the main features of the game

Rebellion has released a new Sniper Elite 5 game trailer, which shows new and improved games. The branded camera of the murder of the series was expanded and improved. Now players can run it by committing “clinical murders” from SMG and pistols in addition to murders from rifles. In addition to this, the physics of shells has been improved. Among other things, bullets can now be ricocheted from bones and add additional damage.

Sniper Elite 5 – Features Trailer

Among other features, Sniper Elite 5 is improved movement: now Karl Fairburn can climb and climb along with others. In addition, now it can be armed with high -tech weapons. Almost everything can be changed in weapons, including the butt, sight, optical sight, shop, trunk and materials from which one or another part of the weapon is made.

In addition to a single -user campaign, the Sniper Elite 5 will have two multi -user regimes. The first is a typical competitive online mode with four main types of game. Each of them can be configured, so players will be able to create something interesting for joint pastime, even on different platforms.

The release of Sniper Elite 5 should take place on May 26, 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.