Half -time speech without material

A few weeks ago, football fans in Germany, who are not exactly with the German record champions, made themselves funny by leaving a Spanish team that may not even be able to do European business in the coming season.

After 45 minutes were played in the Estadio de la Ceramica in the semi-final second leg, everyone could guess how FC Bayern had been done in the quarterfinals. “The troops make it outstanding,” said Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp after the game at “Prime Video” from the “Yellow Ubot”.

“Everything started as you don’t want it” – Krawietz ‘unsuccessful search

His team was 0: 2 behind at the break and threatened to miss the final in Paris despite the comfortable advantage from the first leg. “It all started as you don’t want to have,” analyzed Klopp whether the early goal by Boulaye Dia, which did not play three minutes. “We did not get into play, dulled the balls behind the chain, were not flexible at the front, we moved us badly and broke up with defensively – that was crazy,” said Klopp.

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There wasn’t much fit, so the 54-year-old wanted to show passages during the break in which the room layout had worked. “I said Peter Krawietz _ (co -trainer, editor’s note) _: ‘Find an action where we do it’ – but there was nothing. “, Klopp gave insights into the cabin address. Defense chief Virgil van Dijk reveals: “He said: ‘Play the Liverpool football as we have already played for the entire season – and shows how much we want to go to the final’.

“The boys are not machines”

Even if Klopp stated that “earlier gone more out of the saddle”: the speech and also the change Luis Diaz for Diogo Jota fruit, his team appeared much more confidently and turned the game into a 3-2 success. “The 0: 2 was not a disaster. The boys are not machines, we knew what was happening here. You have to react, we did,” said the Reds coach proudly on his team.

After two years of abstinence, this is now back in the final class and continues to have the chance of four titles in one season. “We play every game that was possible in every competition,” Klopp stated after the final whistle and already focused on the next game: on Saturday the Spurs will come to the Anfield Road, so it continues to blow. Klopp dry: “We’re doing little tomorrow.”