Halo: Reach does not start on PC – how to solve this problem

HALO: reach was launched on PC via Steam and the Windows Store. Although the launch of Steam seems to be practically no problem, some readers of Windows Store or the Xbox application meet the difficulties to launch the game. After installing the game via the application and clicked on the reading button, the Xbox application will be reduced to a minimum, but the game itself will not launch. This is an annoying problem, but fortunately, the solution is quite simple.

If you encounter the difficulties to launch halo: reach via the Windows Store or the Xbox application, then follow the steps below to try to execute it via the Xbox Console Companion:

  • Open the Start menu
  • Scroll to the Xbox console

Fix: The Application Was Unable to Start Correctly (0xc000007b). Click Ok To Close The Application

  • Open the application
  • Search “my games”
  • Scroll to Halo: The Master Chief Collection
  • Click Play

You can also type “Xbox Console Companion” in the search bar next to the Start button to find the application. This method will work for many people, but some players have reported a crash after the logo screen. If this happens, make sure that the latest pilots installed for your GPU are installed.

For Nvidia, you want 441.41, and for AMD, 19.12.1. You can check your drivers using the Societies’s software and make sure they are up to date.

If the game still does not work properly for you, access the installation folder, search for the executable game file, right -click on it and choose to run it as a administrator. Hopefully Microsoft will soon have an appropriate solution to this problem and that you can start the game generally via Windows Store or Xbox App.