Gravity, mobile SRPG Ragnarok Tactics Vietnam launch

[officially launched Moon Young -soo] Gravity announced on the 2nd that it has officially launched the mobile game ‘Ragnarok Tactics’ in Vietnam last month.

Ragnarok Tactics is a strategic role -playing game (SRPG) using Ragnarok Intellectual Property (IP). You can use more than 100 Ragnarok characters and monsters to make a battle by creating a strategy and deploying monsters. It is also possible to kill monsters that are stronger than you have with a variety of tactics considering the monster’s grade, Sangseong, and placement method.

Ragnarok Tactics ranked No. 1 in the popular downloads of the two markets since its launch in Thailand in November 2019, with the highest sales ranking in the Apple App Store and third in Google Play. In February 2020, after the launch of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, the company achieved the No. 1 free download of the two major markets in Taiwan.

In the pre -booking of the Vietnam region from April 13 to 19, more users gathered than expected. On the 27th, the day of launch, Vietnam’s Apple App Store was third in the free game.

Ragnarok Tactics (Gravity Interactive Inc.) - rpg game for Android and iOS - gameplay.

Ragnarok Tactics’s Vietnamese publishing is in charge of Gravity’s Indonesian branch, Gravity Game Link (GGL), and has held various launch events such as fan page link sharing events and review events.

Choi Sung -wook, co -president of the Gravity Game Link, said, “I am pleased to show Ragnarok Tactics in Vietnam. I expect that Vietnamese users will have fun as they have been successful in various regions and proved their game.” “We will continue to introduce various events and periodic content updates in the future, so please pay attention.”