Valheim developers make fun of the new Mistlands creature

de Valheim The great update of Mistlands is still scheduled to launch at some point in this year, and before its launch, we obtained another view of what is to come. Part of that preview consisted of screenshots that showed different structures left by those who once inhabited Mistlands, while another provocation hinted at a creature in which Iron Gate Studio is working. However, Mistlands still does not have a release date, so it is not clear when exactly the players can see this new creature in their entirety unless it is revealed before the launch of the update.

While the mockery by de Valheim the update of Mistlands has actually shown real looks at the creatures and the equipment that will be added later, this particular provocation was not one of those times. Iron Gate simply declared that in addition to the rabbit that was previously around Easter, there is something else in process, but whatever, it is better to leave a surprise, apparently.

“But don’t worry, the hare will be in Mistlands all year round, not only during Holy Week!” Iron Gate said before making fun of whatever is the next creature. «In addition to the hare, we have also been working on the creation of other types of inhabitants for Mistlands, although we would like to keep them a surprise for you for a little more time. What we can say, however, is that we think will be something for which many of you have felt curiosity!

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Since it is something that has not yet been revealed and that Iron Gate says that it is something that the players have been asking, one would mean that these “inhabitants” are more fantasy oriented than a rabbit or another similar animal. The players have launched their own suggestions in what this could also be with some people guessing that it would be something like dwarves since the previous views of Mistlands have shown intricate stone and metal structures. Variants of elves and giants were also suggested, but there seems to be no clear consensus among the players about what could be.

Iron Gate has been quite liberal with his teasing of Mistlands in recent months, however, there is the possibility that we see this new Mistlands inhabitant revealed before the launch of the update. Until then, several looks at the new Bioma Mistlands and some of the teams they contain will have to be enough.