[PCS6] Mirama overwhelming… 17 Gaming, 8 Kill Chicken

Modern John Deere Chicken Farm Build - FS19
17 gaming

China 17 gaming packs chicken in the sixth match of the PCS6 Asia.

On the 30th, the Battleground Global E -Sports Competition (PUBG CONTINETAL SERIES) 6 Asia was held.

PCS6 is an online esports competition in four regions: Asia, Asia Pacific, America and Europe. The 16 teams selected through the qualifiers of each region will hold a total of $ 250,000 per region for 6 days and 30 matches per region for 6 days.

The PCS6 Asia, which includes Korea, will be held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for two weeks from April 29 to May 8. PWS: Six Korean teams in Phase 1, one team in Taiwan and Japan, and eight China teams decided through the PCL 2022 Spring Playoffs.

The sixth match magnetic field was formed of Miramacrus del Baye. At the beginning of the game, Zenji and Marujiming fought in the second floor of the east of the east of Dellpatron. Maru Gaming first cut off Zenji ‘McZora’ and ‘Renba’ with ‘angle’, but was eliminated by the fast backup of Zenji ‘Innonix’ and ‘Spear’.

Newhae has engaged in Poin Griman in a collective complex. He gave me ‘Ming Ming’ and Zhoupin, but overpowered both opponents. However, New Hhap was finished as Gibli Esports, which confirmed the kilog, quickly attached to the area.

In the west side of the magnetic field, Infen Tree and Global Esports Exit have been twin -two to insert. Global E -Sports Exit ‘쯘 Nam’ killed the Infen Tree ‘Bolibear’ and ‘Prince’, while ‘Shaufu’ also made up with the opponent ‘Long Scar’.

5 Phase Guangdong Prix succeeded in defeating all Gibli’s sports from the east of the magnetic field, but failed to penetrate the hubs occupied by Tienru and was finally eliminated after being checked by Donuts USG.

Zenji was completed without overcoming the magnetic field while playing with Donuts USG in the second floor of the magnetic field.

TOP4 survived only the Chinese teams such as Zutu, 17 gaming, Tienru, and Tienba Isports.

Zutfu was killed in the process of piercing the magnetic field, and the angle was killed, and Tienba’s ‘Tianchii’, which was left alone, was summarized by 17 gaming ‘Suujuu’.

17 Gaming ‘Shou Guoi’ took a numerical advantage by catching Tienru ‘Jo Yu -yu’ as a grenade.