WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic: You are already preparing optimally

Since the live stream event on April 19, 2022, it has been clear that the content of WoW: Wrath of the Lich King will land on the progressive classic servers this year. Also there: the Nordend continent, death knight, inscription studies, successes as well as all sorts of dungeon and raid challenges and much more. As soon as the launch is due, the players in the Nordend in particular will start fully, who are already optimally preparing for the upcoming Wotlk adventure. In this guide we tell you what belongs to such a preparation.

get exclusive titles from TBC Classic

As soon as Wotlk Classic appears, you will no longer be able to earn the following exclusive TBC titles:

Hand from A’Dal : Reward for the mastering of the Attunement quests for the animal 6 raid instances Black Temple and Battle for Hyjal .
Champion of the Naaru *: Reward for the quest The exam of the Naaru: Magtheridon **

If you can earn these titles in good time, you will receive the associated heroic actions for them with the start of Wotlk Classic (tip: If you still have the original quests with launch of Wotlk Classic, the title should also be able to earn. At least was This is possible in Retail-Wow. However, the quests cannot accept it, since Blizzard will replace them with new variants that do not reward you with the respective title).

secure the Amani war bear from TBC Classic

Since the opening of Zul’aman in content phase 4 from TBC Classic, you can secure the unique war bear of the Amani over time. And that is exactly what you should have done to the launch of Wotlk Classic, because then the exclusive reward disappears from the World of Warcraft again.

selects and levels your dream job combination!

As important as jobs in WoW Classic and TBC Classic have already been, in Wotlk Classic it is even more important that you equip your main character with two suitable jobs. The manufacturing professions in particular provide you with exclusive advantages that you don’t want to do without. Here is a small overview of the best job bonuses:

Tailoring *: Exclusive enchantment on clads
Engineering : Very strong, exclusive speed effect (hyper-speed accelerator)
jewelry art : Access to jewels (three usable at the same time) that promise a significantly higher increase in values
blacksmith *: Exclusive base icing for gloves and arm rails, in which you can of course put jewels
Alchemy : Increased effects by elixirs and vials (mixology)
Enchant Art : New, exclusive ring encouragement
Inscriptions *: Special, exclusive shoulder enchantments
Leather processing *: Special, exclusive arm rail enchantment

The bottom line is that most of these special bonuses are equally high in direct comparison, so that (if you are only about this bonuses), it almost doesn’t matter which professional combination you choose (in detail there is certainly more depending on class and roller To note, but we also make an extra guide). It is much more important that you really look for two professions from this list and that you do not provide your Raid-Main with any collecting professions whose bonuses are significantly weaker.

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