In Elden Ring it would almost have a Dark Souls-Dejà in the first boss fight

At the beginning of Elden Ring, the transplanted sprout plunges on us – a boss that refers to our place, speaks. Dataminer Zullie The Witch has now found that other candidates were also cast for this “bouncer role” during the development process. One of them would have awakened memories of the first part of the series with Dark Souls fans.

alternative candidate for opening boss

That’s what it’s about: Dataminer Zullie The Witch once again dug in the game data from Elden Ring and discovered “remains” of alternative candidates for the first boss fight, so to speak. Your IDs are still present in an earlier version of the Arena map files. Zulie presents us in a video.

Alternative candidates: This includes, for example, the melting pot, which we meet more often in the game – and who are involved in cool, but also quite demanding fights. However, the much more interesting candidate would have been the avatar of the earth tree. A look at an alternative kick-off fight with him is likely to trigger a tough déjà-vu at Souls fans.

Here you can convince yourself:

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Elden Ring almost copied Dark Souls 1

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That looks from Wiedark Souls 1: The Avatar of the earth’s tree is extremely reminiscent of the asylum demon as a start boss, which should make us a snail in the first part of the Dark Souls series. There are visual similarities: Both are large, massive, have a similar attitude, excesses and swing heavy weapons – and they do that in a very similar way.

Zulie explains that both opponents have the same basic attack patterns and notes that it would have been funny to arouse memories, but the change to a more varied alternative makes sense.

Here you can take a closer look at the transplanted offspring – if you dare:

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Wait, what is Mitemon’s Souls? Fans who gambled the original or remake, now also have the picture of the vanguard demon (Vanguard Demon) in mind. In fact, this is also similar to the avatar of the earth tree and the asylum demon. Zulie describes him as “intellectual predecessor”. The fact that the first two soul games had a very similar start is even more understandable that this option at Elden Ring has not been chosen.

What would you think would have been the best choice for the opening boss? Would you have been happy about a Dark Souls 1 or Demon’s Souls-Déjà-Vu?