Warframe – How to Use Look Link and Mod Link

Your appearance and construction are important for warframe. Since the game has been launched, players shared their favorite models to meet some challenges. The FashionFrame game has long been part of the pleasure. In a recent update, Digital Extremes added the possibility of linking the appearance of your warframe and your weapons, and the way you have built your various frames and weapons, directly in the cat.

Warframe – How to Use Look Link and Mod Link

To use Look Link, just go to the appearance tab of the combat weapon or the weapon you want to link. In the upper right corner, you will see a blue link icon. By clicking on it, a command [LOOK] will be automatically populated in the active chat window. After that, all you have to do is pressing to enter the cat and people will be able to see not only the appearance of your warframe, but also the different parts you use attachments and your Syandana, as well as the colors you used.

How to Share Modded Builds, Fashion & Zaws/Kitguns - Look & Mod Link (Warframe)

Anyone who wishes may instantly click on the components to buy them, provided they are available on the market.

For Mod Link, it works in the same way, except that you must be in the Upgrade tab for warframe or weapon. The link button is again in the upper right corner.

Look Link and Mod Link make it easy to share your versions with other Tenno. It is therefore no longer necessary to list all parts and the different mods under discussion. Use Simply Look Link and Mod Link so that people instantly know how you built your executives.