Valheim reaches 10 million copies sold, the Mistlands update is scheduled for this year

Valheim The developer Iron Gate Studio has announced that the popular Viking video game has managed to overcome the 10 million copies sold since the first time was launched in Early Access a little over a year ago. In addition to the important mandate of sales, the developer has provided an update on the very anticipated Next update of Mistlands, causing valheim to receive his new biome and more this year.

As mentioned above, MISTLAND update will be substantial and, according to the last statement, it is still under development. That adds to the smallest updates that Iron Gate Studio has been providing regularly. “New creatures are given life, dungeons are planned and weapons are manufactured,” the developer declared at the end of March. “Designing a new biome is a great task, with many pieces that should be assembled before it can become the full experience it should be, and will require many iterations and tests before it is ready. The biome takes a long time is still far away, but we are excited and believe that the result will be worth the wait ».

«We never imagine valheim would become so big, not even in our craziest dreams, and last year passed fastening faster than we expected,” said Richard Svensson, executive director of Iron Gate Studio, as part of the milestone announcement of sales. “Our team has doubled since then. Launching and Knowing Valheim is enjoyed by millions of players around the world, honored and makes us humble at the same time. Our ambitions for the game have never been stronger and the development of Mistlands is very advanced; We are anxious to bring this new and mysterious bioma to the game ».

As noted above, it would seem that Valheim The update of Mistlands will be launched at some point this year. Valheim is currently available at Early Access for PC through Steam for $ 19.99. You can check all our previous coverage of the popular Viking video game for PC here.

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