Now it gets really weird: in Call of Duty Warzone you will soon be fighting against Godzilla and King Kong!

It’s not as if Call of Duty Warzone in the past did not start with strange Crossovern : At the beginning of January you brought with a Levi Ackerman-Skin for the Daniel Yatsu operator the popular anime Attack on Titan in the multiplayer shooter and a month ago, the rapper Snoop Dog succeeded.

Who thought Activision could not get invaded no unusual crossover, but is wrong: Already in February dipped over the industry insider Tom Henderson rumors on that King Kong and Godzilla Feeding in Call of Duty Warzone (Buy Now 42.01 €) Hold and an announcement last week delivered further information.

The rumors are true: curtain on Godzilla and King Kong!

Today, the rumors have confirmed and actually Warzone players are really looking forward to monster visit in the form of legendary Filmonster Godzilla and King Kong. The two Titans are part of the third season, which from the 27. April under the name “Secret Weapons” Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard will be neatly upside down.

But Godzilla and King Kong, but first from May 11 on the battlefield rolys when the event “Operation Monarch” starts. The confirmation took place today by official side with an impressive trailer in which the two living skyscrapers have already puzzled on the plaster.

That the encounter of these two beasts does not dry eye dry, the trailer is likely to make clear and warzone fans hot on the upcoming season. The secret weapons who give the third season their name, namely on a away islands and only have one goal: to combat the threat of Godzilla and King Kong.

GODZILLA vs KING KONG Is here and I have proof ????

More information about the dangerous titans will you find in the game among others at the new excavation site , where ancient secrets are waiting for you. Further information on the spectacle of Operation Monarch should then deliver cave paintings, huge skulls and a highly suspicious ax on caldera . Everything more for the coming season and the attack of the monsters can be found on the official website of the game.

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