Superman-style game with “Unreal Engine 5” is being distributed free! Use “CITY Sample” and Free Asset

On April 7, the Supaman style game demo video is released in only one day from the next generation engine “Unreal Engine 5” announcement of EPIC Games. And about a week later, Tyson Butler-Boschma inspired by the demo above, Tyson Butler-Boschma, based on the video, creating a game “ actually play ” and released at ITCH.IO.

This work is a “playable” flight experience game that combines the “CITY Sample” used for the character of free asset and the “The Matrix Awakens”. Although it is distributed free of charge, it has not been optimized for operation, and it is noted that “very heavy games and can be struggled on low-end PCs (play).

In addition, Tyson Butler-Boschma is the development of this work “play to the last”, but it means that “We may further develop further development”.

Superman-style flight experience game “A Superman Style Flight Experience (UE5)” by next-generation engine is Distributing free of charge for PC (Windows) at ITCH.IO.