The newly discovered Zelda novel presents a strange name change for link

In 1992, the legend of Zelda: a link with the past received a novelization in Japan as part of the Futabasha Fantasy Novels series. The information about the novel was recently discovered and shared online by the unofficial website of Zelda. History of Hyrule, and there are some interesting things to see. In particular, the novel presents an impressive art for some of the main characters that has never been uploaded online. Below each character there is a brief description, along with the name of it in English. Most of those names remain quite close to games, with a pretty important exception: Link is called «Paul».

Now, it is worth noting that _ a link to the past_ allowed super nintendo players to name their character as they would like; Anyone who would like he could have called his hero Paul. However, most of Zelda-related fiction has seen the character with the name of «Link». Maybe someone who played the game gave Link the name of “Paul”, and the writer Katsuyuki Ozaki used that copy as a reference. Because it is a forgotten piece of Zelda 30 years ago, there is simply no way to know with certainty. Whatever the case, it is very strange, which makes this a really good find. Readers can see the images on the Tweet incrusted below.

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Since its launch in 1991, _ a link to the past_ has been widely considered one of the best games of the entire Zelda franchise. The change to Super Nintendo hardware offered an impressive evolution for the series, and maintains passionate follow-up after all these years. The game has been launched in a large number of platforms since then, including Game Boy Advance, Wii and Nintendo Switch. As such, _ a link to the past_ is still one of the most accessible entries in the franchise, and players who have not yet had the opportunity to check it can do it quite easily. You can not say the same about many other Zelda games, but this link of Link (or Paul) is a notable exception!

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