No license for Austria Vienna, SKN St. Pölten and Wacker Innsbruck

After the examination of the financial criteria has been suspended in recent years due to the pandemic, or to take place in a weaker form, the license and approval procedure of the Senate 5 of the Austrian Bundesliga was held again this year as usual.

It denies the license in the first Instance Austria Vienna (financially and legally legal), the SKN St. Pölten (financially) and FC Wacker Innsbruck (financially and infrastructural). The Austria will also be sanctioned with four points deduction for the coming season and 20,000 euros fine.

Austria is enough

The “violets” will insert protest in the next few days. Within eight days, the associations affected may submit new documents and appeal to the protest committee, which will give a verdict no later than 27 April.

“With the investor entry, the first step in the direction of the economic stabilization of the association has succeeded, but many measures for cost reduction and revenue increase are required, which we have shown in the licensing procedure. Due to the complexity and uniqueness of the investor entry It comprehensible that the Bundesliga asks for further questions “, Board Gerhard Krisch is quoted in a broadcast of the Viennese.

Wacker not surprised, the SKN already

With Wacker Innsbruck you are by no means superimposed if the decision. There are still a lack of financial documents and a lease with the stadium operator for the next season. “We stay in good things that we can do all the relevant tasks within the posting period and thus get the license at the end,” says President Kevin Radi. With posting period, Radi means the second instance.

At the SKN St. Pölten, the new managing director economy, Matthias Gebauer, already “” surprised that we did not receive the license in the first instance “. Some sponsor agreements run out of the Lower Austrians. “The talks with most partners are already advanced (…), accordingly I am very confident that we will receive the license in the second instance.”

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Striping Ante Portas

Admission to the 2nd league have also received SV Stripfing / Weiden and the Vienna from the Regionalliga East and FC Wels from the Regionalliga Mitte in addition to the amateur teams of Rapid Wien and Sturm Graz.