LOL: From Shurima to Piltover; Possible changes to Skarner in the next Riot Rework

Riot Games At last it has left silence aside and has awarded the world new information about all the champions that will come to the summaker’s crack over the months that approach up to 2023, I started the thirteenth third season of the League of Legends. While all the lights have pointed to the new UDYR’s very close Rework, we have been able to see new information about the champion that has been chosen by the community to receive a complete change after the spiritual walker: Skarner.

Riot has focused this article in changing its appearance first. It has been Larry “Bravoray” Ray the one in charge of performing the first designs of the champion, arriving to do several designs where we can see a very similar structure or with a concept far from what we are used to, Let us show a much more incisive champion and capable of murdering without compassion to their enemies.

Two first rows If you remind us further to the Skarner now, but with the addition of fantastic elements, instead of the body of a normal scorpion. From the third everything changes , since they have collected different inspirations from the Shurima region.

According to the Riot itself, the concept they want to do with this design is as follows: “The idea is Convert them into ancestral protectors from the ancient ShuriMana civilization , before it was lost under the sands. In this story, they would be constructs Created from crystals, they would enclose the souls of thousands of elite warriors. “


Already, in the fourth and last option , it is a champion related directly with the lore of piltover , making all listed by the citizens of that city to experiment with him and crystals of the. This could be the perfect excuse to see it in the second season Dearcane , but this is still in the air and we still do not know the intentions of the American publisher.

Shortly after starting officially with Skarner, Riot itself will publish a more extensive development article and with much more information about the design and narrative teams of the champion. At the moment, you will receive the opinions about these ideas and if something draws you attention from the users will not hesitate to add it to the champion.