What should that? Netflix leads double

In recent years, the popular streaming service Netflix had a five-star system that allows users to rate a series or film. Apparently, this system was too complicated for most users, which is why Netflix replaced this some time ago with a thumb up and thumb down button.

New system should enable better recommendations

However, as it looks, this system is not enough to feed the common algorithms meanwhile, which recommend us what we should look next. To make these recommendations a little more precise, Netflix now introduces a double-thumb high button.

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According to its own statements by Netflix, this is a feature that has been wished by the customers for some time and the existing thumbs-buttons should be supplemented. Users have the opportunity to express the opportunity if a particular content has greatly liked to get better suggestions, such as Christine Dolg-Cardel, the responsible for the user experiences at Netflix, opposed the Verge:

_ “Members have never had such a large selection of entertainment options as today. It is very important to find the shipments and films that you really like. We continue to make sure that Netflix is the place where it is easiest to choose what you want to look at next. “_

The double thumb is currently not available for most users in Germany, but the company will probably unlock this in the near future as well. Maybe in the program of the current April week is already a movie or a series that would evaluate her with all two thumbs up. We have summarized the list of new series and movies in a separate item for you.

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