Logic Liquek Mountain Climbing Adventure, Launched Mounterbable 2.0

Mountain climbing Log Link Adventure, who climb a huge mountain, adds new meta games, mystery stories, and various maps that include the main update today, with the main update today. New updates are available for free play in the Epic Games Store by April 21, and are available on steam and GOG.com.

When you start the game, the player chooses one of the three climbers of three different backgrounds. During the climbing of the mountain, the character’s vital should not fall off to the risk range. This work is more difficult to affect the unpredictable weather, day and night cycle changes, and the result of unknown random events, and the selection of every moment determines the character’s survival.

Players can fully a new experience through meta games that are completely new in Update 2.0. Now, you must complete the three major mountains, but also complete multiple sides, and you can manage upgrades at the Mission Intermediate Base Camp and prepare the next climbing.

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Mount Mounter 2.0 is available at the current steam, Epic Games Store and GOG.com and is available for free to April 21 in the Epic Games Store.