The anime director addresses if his last film was inspired by the best gesture of fortnite

When you think of Fortnite, well, some people will think about dancing from the beginning. The game is one of the most popular of its kind, and Fortnite has become viral innumerable times for its dance gestures. Not long ago, a director of anime learned that first-hand as part of the last work of him became viral when including an emoticon of the game. But during a recent event, the Internet confused his inspee.

FORTNITE The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)

Everything came to light when Takayuki Hirao made a mistress in Reddit for fans. He was there the director behind Pompo: the cinephilo approached a scene from the film that became a viral meme. After all, a movie clip shows Nathalie dancing with thumbs up like _fortnite but it turns out that the director did not remove the movements of the game.

Really, it seems that a band from Japan popularized the dance and drew Hiraus’s attention that way. So if you expected to find fortnite Easter eggs in this anime, you can think again.

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“I’m surprised that this dance is a popular meme in the United States,” said the director at Reddit. “In Japan, it is called the Iine dance or” thumb up “. Two years ago, a band called Da Pump launched a song called «USA» and everyone danced in Japan. Nathalie tends to express her emotions with her body. Then, when she is confused or nervous, she dances. And because the song is called “USA” and there are many American references in the film, we thought it would be perfect. So it would be a tribute! ».

For those curious about what artist the dance approached first, it was not Pump. The Japanese group included dancing in a music video filmed in 2018. The movements were first shown in the Bioboy JB music video in 2017. The dance went viral in a short time and fornite adopted it as an emoticon. And now, Hirao has immortalized viral movements in one of the best anime films of recent times.

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