PS5: Sony about to redeem Kojima Productions? The big rumor of the day

In recent months, the video game industry lives at the rate of redemptions, the most resounding is obviously that of Microsoft Blizzard Activision against a check of $ 69 billion. Sony Interactive Entertainment could not stay the arms crossed and responded by putting hands on Bungie (Halo’s historic studio is also behind Destiny) and Haven Studio (Jade Raymond studio who is most famous for working on Assassin’s Creed ) We are not going to lie, these operations are less clisant than that performed by Microsoft, but the Japanese manufacturer warned that other redemptions were expected by the voice of its president, Jim Ryan.

So many are those to bet on the studios that Sony Interactive Entertainment could offer, and this is certainly not the new banner of PlayStation Studios that will calm the speculation. Indeed, if the adepts of theories attach so much importance, it is simply because the visuals used for this famous banner only concern First Party developers (Sucker Punch, Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studio among others). A Resetera user noticed that concrete Genie left his place in Sam Bridges, Death Stranding Hero. He points out that Demon’s Souls also appears, but we already knew that Bluepoint Games was now the property of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

So, should we see a future buy-back of Kojima Productions? Nothing is less sure, especially as we still remember the corridor noises that Hideo Kojima was preparing an exclusive game to Microsoft. And as for the banner, the Ludens statuette present in the office of Phil Spencer (the patron of the Xbox division) was heavy meaning to believe some. In short, all that to say that we can see clues everywhere, and that the new banner of PlayStation Studios may not hide anything at all even if we know the strong link between Hideo Kojima and Sony.

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