RB Salzburg: Thrings Mateschitz the Adeyemi

In the poker around Karim Adeyemi of RB Salzburg, it has become last calmer. But Borussia Dortmund is probably very interested in taking the national player in the summer under contract. But Red Bull Boss Dietrich Mateschitz could cross the plans of BVB.

As Patrick Berger reports “Dortmund1” podcast “Dortmund week”, Adeyemi’s change from Salzburg to Dortmund wobbles. Accordingly, there is currently “standstill” in the negotiations between the two clubs, an approximation should not have existed in recent weeks.

The reason for stopping the negotiations should probably be the different ideas about the amount of the transfer fee. The BVB probably wants to put a maximum of 38 million euros on the table to read out Adeyemi from his until 2024 dated contract.

Salzburg, according to the “Dortmund1” chief reporter, is at least 45 million euros.

Behind the scenes, Red-Bull Boss Dietrich Mateschitz is supposed to have his fingers in the game. The 77-year-old wool Adeyemi reluctantly to be competited and hopes that the striker is preserved to the RB cosmos and connects RB Leipzig, so Berger.

Adeyemi has been associated with the Saxons several times over the past few months. Really, the rumors were not really hot.

Probably little willingness to negotiate at RB Salzburg

Instead, the 20-year-old media reports wants to connect Borussia Dortmund. The attacker in turn is considered an absolute wish player of the area club.

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How little willingness to negotiate from the Austrians is attached to the day, underpinning RB-Dortmund Director Christoph Friend. This explained to “Sky Austria”: “There is no deadline. We are not in the delivery debt. Karim has two years contract. Maybe it is interesting that he stays with us in the World Cup year.”