Exit of the Xbox Series X in November

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The Chief Editor of Xbox Wire, Will Tuttle, recently made a statement about the Xbox Series X and the moment the fans can expect to see it on the tablets of the stores. The Xbox Series X officially comes out in November, although no release date has been set for the moment. The new generation console will bring together each generation of Xbox consoles with thousands of games covering the four generations as the most retro-compatible Microsoft console. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be available on the Xbox Series X when leaving in November, with a wide range of titles.

While Halo Infinite has recently been delayed in 2021, the Xbox Series X officially will be released in November according to Will Tuttle of Xbox Wire. A recent escape from Sega who teases the release date of Yakuza: Like A Dragon also announced the release date of November 13 for the Xbox Series X because it will be launched on the same day. More than 50 new games are planned for this year that will be intergenerational between the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X, but the X series will have more than 100 optimized for the new hardware.

“There will be thousands of games to play, on four generations, when the Xbox Series X will be launched in the world in November and more than 100 optimized for Xbox Series X titles, designed to take full advantage of our most powerful console. are planned for this year. ” said Will Tuttle. “And with the all new features of the console such as the direct X-ray ray plot, rates up to 120 frames per second, faster loading times and fast recovery for multiple games, play will be better, Whatever the games you choose to play. day one.”

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