Stove New Store Mobile Hunting Action Wile Done Preview

[Data provided: Smile Gate Stove]

The Smile Gate Stove revealed ‘Wildbon’ with the first external IP to enter its platform. Wildbat is a mobile hunting action game developed by Rock Square, a game that users who hunting large monsters to hunt large monsters and achievements that they are achievement after hand and monster hunting.

Rock Square is developing a new action game that has not been able to meet on mobile, gathered in Mobile in Mobile, mainly in the professional veteran developers of the “TOP Tier” developer from NHN, Netmarble.

Giant monster to meet in ‘barren environment’

‘Wildbirth’ begins with the Telurus planet in Preleur continents. Prelead continent is one of the sixth continents of the planet, in a vast area with its own environment of jungle, meadow, sulfur, rainforest, and desert, and users must raise their ability to raise their ability to hunt skills. In other words, it is necessary to take a fierce battle for life and death in the natural nature of the barren environment, not the RPG fantasy reading in the eyes.

Wildbat leaves the earth and hungry in Telurus, the unknown planet, hunting of mana monsters, and begins. After exploring the six regions, you can acquire the equipment after being able to get the monsters adapted to each environment, and move them to the next area.

In the early areas, they are hunting alone to learn how to play, but multiplayer is supported by the area, and can be hunted with other users.

In particular, the multiplayer of ‘Wildbon’ is providing fun of differentiated manipulation that each user gives roles and hunt monsters, which could not feel in existing mobile games.

Strategic battle with 7 kinds of weapons

Wildbars have seven kinds of weapons that users can choose from. It is also a game that allows monster hunting to hit strategic combat according to the kind of weapon than the character as much as the center axis.

The first weapon ‘Sword Blaster’ is expected to be a good value of attack and defense. With the same appearance, the same appearance, the attack distance, attack speed, and destructive power of the average value, and the counterpart can be utilized in the defense.

The second weapon ‘Impact Hammer’ has excellent performance in terms of attack, including powerful and partial destruction. While the attack rate is the slowest, he has a high destructive power and a long attack distance. In particular, it is possible to expand effective attacks such as moisturization against monsters with huge and solid shells.

The ‘Survivive Spear’, which is like Jangcyeong, is a weapon that can be used as a multi-aspect such as attack and support. There is a long-term distance and have a long-term attack rate and destructive force, and there is no problem when you hit the battle with a combat, and when you go on multiplayer, you can weaken monsters and give a variety of support effects on the friend.

‘Twin Ripper’ is responsible for the fastest attack rate of weapons in the fraud. As long as the weapons can be heard in both hands, the destructive force is unmatched. However, it is a high possibility that a short attack distance and an accurate skill is needed as needed as needed.

‘Heavy barrel’ is one of the inorganic types that can spread remote combat in a fraud of fraud. You can use three types of tanes to match the monster properties and combat environments, and each bullet is one of the weapons that distance control is essential because each bullet is different.

‘Paul Shield’ shows the best stability of all weapons with weapons that use black and shield simultaneously. A stable battle with a shield is available, and you can use swords and shields to make a variety of attacks. The stability is high, but the attack distance is short, and the destructive force is low compared to other weapons.

‘Blowout Canon’ is a weapon that can directly wield the weapon or bombardment at a distance. You can use a huge weapon to defend your opponent’s attack directly. The use of remote bombing, and the use of defense, the weapon is overheated, and attention is required for use.

Unboxing: The Outfitter Cylinder Stove
There is another charm featuring wildbar’s weapons. Unlike the appearance, there is a special useful law for each weapon only, so you can simply seek that you can not keep it on your own, and you can find a variety of attacks on your choice and play tendency. Because of this, wildbars can definitely feel the ‘hand taste’ lacking in a common mobile game.

With a more exciting adventure with ‘Horchul’ ~!

Wildborn’s ‘Hortul’ is a colleague that can most definitely support users who explore Telurus planets. As if you climbed the Himalayas, you can see that you are the same as the “Sherpa” or the “mercenary” that supports the climber. Users can hire Hortules that meet the play propensity to stop them at the time of the pub.

The biggest role of Hortul is a combat support to help users ‘hunting’. It is possible to restore the users with a unique ability that each Horthol has a unique ability, and a monster has a role of assisting the lack of user’s lack of users, such as stunning or adding.

In addition, Hortuls acquire an independent activity as an independent activity at a time without the battle with the monsters. Horchul provides a monster in the exploration process and fights, and it gives the use of spoils, various items and materials, and so on.

In other words, a competent hortool is essential to acquire a material item to spread the combat with strong monsters and to strengthen and grow the equipment.

In addition, wildbars are waiting for explorers to provide various items necessary for adventure, manufacturing, and strengthening equipment. The first adventure of mobile new ‘Wildbon’, which allows you to feel the taste of hand with minimal operation, is also beginning.