PSN has been temporarily closed in China

The PSN and the PlayStation Store were both closed in China for reasons that are not quite clear. The closure started on May 7 and should end today on May 10. However, this supposed end date could change at any time. The vague justification that has been given to the press and the Chinese people were that the government was working to further strengthen the security surrounding the online services of the PlayStation. How will it really be done is within everyone’s reach.

Usually, when the CCP speaks of “security”, it almost always comes back to withdraw certain characteristics. China is not exactly the world leader in terms of freedom and human rights and just about everything in Chinese society, even video games are strongly monitored.

PSN Account Banned Or Temporarily Suspended Fix

Chinese players have witnessed a series of increasingly stringent and draconian regulations for online freedom and personal choice. Not so long ago, the government began to regulate both the time as its citizens can play video games as well as the amount of money they could spend. These restrictions varied by age.

The CCP has a long history of suspicion and pure hostility to foreign media and its influence for a very long time. Most of the social media platforms that are common in the West are either prohibited or dismissed by Chinese replacements that can then be closely monitored by the government. For the good of Sony and Chinese citizens, we hope that nothing too important does not result from this incident. China is a huge market for just about any business and it would be a massive loss for Sony if relationships deteriorated in one way or another with the CCP.

We do not know what will happen for the moment. But in the current state of things, the NHP is forbidden in China.