LOL: The fun G2 ESPORTS training before the parties that learned from the community

G2 ESPORTS has added its ninth Lec Title after winning Rogue at the end of the spring season. A new trophy for the organization that has returned optimism with respect to the level of the European League of Legends and gave rise to a good atmosphere that already before the final the players of the Samurai club made note in social networks. The Ocelote Club, showing its excellent job to connect with the community, revealed some of the most interesting curiosities of the staff among which is a fun learned training exercise from the community .

The minigame of the community that helps G2 ESPORTS

The game in question that they use to heat club players consists of go to the Baron Nashor pit and play a two against two in which they can only use Kennen and Ezreal’s skill shots . In this way, Caps and Flakked have formed their own equipment that dominates with iron hand to Broken Blade and Jankos. The only doubt that we have left is that the good targets will be dedicated while your colleagues are enjoying this warming minigame that is only valid for four of the team members.

Winning is Fun - G2 Esports | 2022 LEC Spring Semifinal
The truth is that it is a game mode almost as old as League of Legends. Although with some differences with respect to the chosen champions and the standards, both content creators and the community have been enjoying it years. It is surprising to see a professional team using it before the games, although when we think a bit it has all the meaning of the world. Beyond the unknown of what will happen to the fifth man, is a good way to practice ‘skillshots’ and relax tensions before the parties that also generates great equipment dynamics.

At the moment, Caps and Flakked have also been champions of these Tornells that began during the Half of Lec . It is here to see if there will be some substitution between the losers to include Targamas and try to end your domain. The truth is that with an assured square for MSI 2022 everything will be with good eyes in the organization. Optimism has returned to the European League of Legends and we like to think that a part of the fault is from this fun and functional heating exercise before professional items.